The 2019 harvest is over

The harvest always ends with a little twinge in the heart ... Our pickers go home and the resounding sound of their laughter gives way to the equally grueling work of the cellar. But this is only a "Goodbye" because part of our team comes back in the spring for disbudding.

See you next year!

Here is a small review on our 2019 harvest : 

This year the harvest lasted a little over three weeks and we are particularly happy with the quality of our grapes. A lot of concentration for this rather solar vintage.

At Château Fortia we grow 3 red grape varieties: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre and 3 white grape varieties: Clairette, Roussanne and Grenache blanc; with varying maturities. We analyze each day the grapes of our different plots in order to pick up the fruits at the right moment.

The harvest has started with our white grape varieties at the beggining of September. The grapes were really beautiful with a perfect health condition. The berries are rather small and concentrated ... it promises a beautiful Edmée Le Roy white Châteauneuf-du-Pape!
Grenache blanc on the "Creux" plot

Magda picking Roussannes on the "Creux" plot

The second week of September we have started with the harvest of our red grape varieties. Each year, we need around 30 people to help us with harvest as hand picked grapes is a necessary and mandatory condition for producing high quality Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines. Many of our pickers have been working at Château Fortia for some years, some others are new every year. There is always a pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the vineyard :)

Our team starting to pick some white grapes on the "Creux" plot

Second day of harvest under Sandra's supervision (our winemaker and vineyard manager)

David, loyal picker at Château Fortia 
Always with a beautiful view of the village and the castle 

Grenaches from our "Garrigues" plot
Eric (on the tractor) in charge of the quality and the smooth functioning of  harvest 
Marylka et Tomasz, two of our porters (crucial job during the picking)
A part of the pickers team 
Olivier, Lota and Mory (always eager to play:)

Yves, putting the bunches of grapes (sorted on the plot) into a destemmer

In order to thank the whole team and to spend a friendly moment together, we organized our traditional harvest party. A moment of relaxation and good mood! 
Thank you and see you next year!