Sheep mowing the grass in our vineyards

In accordance with our values of preserving nature and culture, we were glad to receive a visit from sheep and ewes which came to graze the grass that surrounds the vines while bringing a rural calm to the vineyard plots of Château Fortia.

We are willing to maintain the strong relationship existing between shepherds and winegrowers since the dawn of time. This association between winegrowers and shepherds not only allows the sheep to feed and air themselves but also to clean the plots and to enrich the soil with the organic matter left by the flock in order to prepare the land for the next season. The presence of sheep helps to increase the biodiversity of the ground, to improve the root system of the vines, to provide them with other nutrients that they would not find elsewhere and to make the soil more permeable. 

Moments of complicity between animals and vines are positive for everyone. For this reason, we would like to continue agroecology by welcoming animals to our land when when the opportunity arises.