2020 Harvest

This year the harvest began on August 31st. We began the harvest with the Roussanne and the white Grenache grapes over two mornings, then the Clairette grapes on two following mornings. The white grapes displayed a very good state of health and retained excellent aromatic freshness in spite of the high temperatures and drought experienced during August.

We continued the harvest with the Syrah during several days before moving on to the Grenache and finishing with the Mourvèdre grapes. Thanks to the dry weather in September, the entire harvest was healthy and the limited amount of rain that fell around 20th September enabled the grapes to reach a good state of phenolic ripeness.

This year, the harvest lasted for 19 days, spread over 4 weeks, with several days of pauses to allow the grape bunches to reach optimal ripeness.

2020 is doubtlessly a vintage of perfect balance, combining freshness and delectability.