Our latest cuvée, a white Châteauneuf du Pape, Secret du Temps is a wine marked by the imprint of the winegrowers who created it, whose know-how is driven by passion.

The predominantly Roussanne blend with a hint of Grenache blanc will seduce you and sublimate your moments of sharing.


This wine comes from sorting the grapes on the plot. The bunches are harvested by hand. The vinification process includes pressing, stirring and settling. Fermentation and aging takes place in oak barrel. The wine is aged for 6 months.

Edmée Le Roy, une rareté convoitée
A wine made
with passion
verre de vin de Châteauneuf du pape


After a very mild spring of 2020, the summer was hot and dry. These favorable weather conditions allowed the grapes to be in perfect health. The white wines are superb freshness with a lot of elegance. The nose is marked by citrus nuances with a nice freshness. The palate is intense, aromatic with good length.The 2020 is undoubtedly a vintage of perfect balance combining freshness and delectability.

Straw-yellow crystalline color with deep green reflections. Very expressive and complex nose, mixing candied citrus fruits, spices, vanilla pod, with a hint of roasting. The mouth is full from the start. It has a remarkable balance of fat and tension. The aromatic register is found in the mouth, with a slightly more intense toast. Shale notes at the end. The finish is particularly salivating and long.

After a mild winter and a cool spring, marked by an episode of frost in April, followed a summer punctuated by a few very hot episodes. Thanks to the rain in early August, the grape ripening process did not have to suffer from excessive water stress. It is a late vintage with a low yield. The first cuvées suggest lower average degrees than in previous years, high color intensities and good acidity that will ensure great aging potential.

The color is dazzling, golden yellow and pale green. The wine is very aromatic: notes of toasted hazelnut, followed by white-fleshed fruits and small white flowers. Nice tension. The palate reveals notes of apricot and vine peach, as well as a certain minerality (wet schist). The finish is delicately roasted, with a nice length. An elegant and deep wine.